How did I get here?

So this has been a year in the making (or maybe longer). In October 2015 I was struck with what my Dr believed was gallbladder issues. After several tests and a routine colonoscopy it was discovered that I didn’t suffer from gallbladder issues but a fatty liver. My Dr decided that based on my weight of 134kgs to put me on the Optifast Diet. During the next 2 months, I lost 10kgs on this diet alone.

After being unemployed in Australia for nearly 6 months I made the decision to move to the UK in March 2016 and started a new career path at the age of 30. This change in my life meant so much more than a location change, I became a vegetarian, I started exercising by walking after work almost every day and looked after myself by eating 3 good meals a day. These changes got my weight down to 116kgs.

In November 2016 I headed back to Australia for Christmas with my family but I also had an ulterior motive; I had booked an appointment with a Bariatric Surgeon to discuss weight-loss surgery.

On Thursday 24th November 2016 I met with Dr Stephen Watson to discuss a Gastric Sleeve Procedure. Dr Watson made me feel very at ease, explained the pros and cons of surgery, showed my how surgery is performed and during the consult decided to take the next step and booked myself in for Surgery on the 31st January 2017.

Let the next step of my journey begin.

Date: 19/11/2016


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