I am SO tired…

I am tired of being ashamed of my weight. I am tired of not accepting how I look just because I am bigger than most girls. I am tired of pretending I am happy with how I look and hiding behind camera angles and a forced smile.

So this is me – the REAL me! As of this morning I am 114.2kg and I have lost 19.8kgs since December 2015 due to hard work, perseverance and a great support system at work and home.

In 37 days I am heading to Hollywood Private Hospital to help change my life by undergoing a Sleeve Gastrectomy. Am I scared? Heck Yes!! Is this my only option? I believe so. Will I need help and support? Definitely!!!

After surgery, hopefully you will see me shrink down to a healthy weight where I can be healthy for myself, my family and my friends, and I can actually start enjoying my life again!!!


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