Appointments. Appointments. Appointments.

During my consultation with my surgeon Dr Watson I was told about the different appointments I would need to book and attend prior to surgery.

  1. GP Appointment: As I am planning on accessing Superannuation to assist in paying for my procedure I needed a report from my GP. This report needed to state that I needed surgery because Obesity is a life threatening condition.
  2. Dietitian Appointment: This is a requirement for all patients. The initial appointment takes place roughly 2 weeks prior to surgery to discuss pre-op diet (When and If a transition to Optifast is required) These appointments will continue to occur after surgery to help weight-loss and assist with proper diet.
  3. DHS/Centrelink: After I had received all my quotes and invoices for surgery with my total out of pocket costs after Medicare and Private Health I had to compile all the reports and invoices and send them into DHS/Centrelink to have them assessed. It is up to them to decide whether I can assess my Superannuation to fund surgery.
  4. Anesthetist: I have not yet had this appointment as we are in the Christmas and New Year break but I have spoken to the rooms because I needed the quote from them. I will update you all on this appointment after I have had it.
  5. Hospital: I have been in a private hospital before; heck I have even worked in one. But I have never had to stay overnight in one let alone for 2-3 days. When I called the hospital to obtain my quote they were all so very helpful. Said I could arrange a private room if I wanted, there is access to WiFi and TV. Basically they made it sound like a hotel that will remove most of my stomach while I have a nap on day 1.

Some people are also required to attend a Psychologist appointment however I have been seeing one on and off since I lost my job in October 2015 so this was not a requirement for me.

Date: 24/12/2016


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