I have never really been the kind of person to take body measurements; mainly because I was in denial but also because I don’t own a tape measure big enough. Today I decided would be the day I changed my frame of mind and actually measure myself. This way I can track my progress throughout my journey, not only in Kgs but in Cms.

1st Measurements; 28/12/2016

  1. Weight: 119kgs
  2. Height: 164cms
  3. Chest: 128cms
  4. Waist: 114.5cms
  5. R. Arm: 42cms
  6. L. Arm: 43.5cms
  7. R. Leg: 77.5cms
  8. L. Leg: 78.5cms
  9. BMI = 44.2

I am going to be measured at the gym again in 2 weeks so I can see if I am making any progress. All I know at this stage is that I have put on 4kgs since November with all my Christmas eating and I need to get it back off. I was aiming on losing 5kgs before I commenced the Optifast Diet stage of Pre-Op. Need to work a bit harder prior to surgery.

My first full body, all angles shots.


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