Questions? Oh so many Questions

Like so many people I had a lot of questions about certain things after surgery like when I could fly back to the UK. Because of this I decided to ask my surgeon all my questions and write down some notes because I struggled to find these answers online.

1. What is the recovery time?

  • 2-3 nights in Hospital
  • No driving for a week after surgery
  • No heavy lifting for 2 weeks
  • 2-4 weeks off work = No fly time.

Is the procedure key hole/laparoscopic?

  • Yes, its laparoscopic
  • 3-5 small incision points
  • Minimal scaring

What are the goals for weightloss after surgery?

  • 50% of excess weight; this equates to roughly 20-30kgs within the first 6-9mnths

Will I get reflux after surgery?

  • 50% of patiennts will get reflux but there is medication that can help if this occurs.

I was most worried about the flight time because I have a contract that commences on the 3rd March so I would need to be ready and ok to fly on the 27th February. I am hoping like most patients, I recover quick enough to feel ok to fly.

Hopefully my recovery goes as the surgeon hopes.

Date: 30/12/2016


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