Too much on my plate 🍴🍷🍰

Welcome to the season of holiday over-eating. It’s time for treats, memories and emotional indulgences, and the once-a-year temptations. There are candy dishes and cookie trays and family get-togethers everywhere. I wish this time of the year was the only time that I would indulge myself and over-eat till I am almost sick because for most this is true. But for me, I over-eat almost EVERY meal. Sometimes I eat just because I am bored. Other times it is because I am sad. The funny thing is, I am sad because I am overweight and because I am sad, I eat. It is a vicious circle.

It is however a circle I am ready to break. I am ready to make these changes in my life so I can be happy and healthy again.

It is all about mind control. Thinking about my body. Stop eating when I am feeling full. Reduce my portion sizes and eat good protiens.

I have got this. I can do this!!


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