Well, shit just got real!!


Firstly, I would like to apologise for not blogging for 5 days. That is shocking. However, it is because all of those fun appointments in lead up to Surgery has commenced and I have started to get VERY anxious. As I write this now, my hands are trembling.

Yesterday, I got an email from my Surgeon advising me that my admission is on the 31st January at 10am. The email also advised the following:

  1. Routine Blood Tests
  2. Contacting my Anaesthetist
  3. Paying my Surgical GAP to my Surgeon before 24th January
  4. Complete Hospital Admission Paperwork
  5. Complete and Sign Consent to Surgery Paperwork
  6. Reminder to make a Dietitian Appointment

The one easy part of all this process is that the Hospital that I am being admitted to asks that all Admission Paperwork be completed online. This way, the information goes direct to the Hospital, there is no margin of error through double handling and it arrives as soon as I hit save. It was a nice, easy process.

This morning a Nurse from the Hospital called me as I had a question about my nails. I love to have mine done and feel almost naked without them. The nurse informed me that I could have them done for surgery as long as they were a light or nude colour. This suits me fine and was a weight off my shoulders.

Next appointment is the Dietitian tomorrow so I will let you all know what she says.

Date: 12/01/2017


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