How to get a few FREE appointments!!


Well I know that a lot of you will find this interesting because I know if I can save a bit of money here and there I am all for it. Whilst no one said WLS would be cheap, they also never mentioned that some things you can get for FREE. So, I am going to let you all in on the secret.

I knew I had my Dietitian appointment coming up and I had heard rumors that if you are eligible for a Cronic Illness Management Plan you can get 5 free services a year. These can be used at a Dietitian, Psychologist, Acupuncture and a few other places. As the Dietitian was going to cost me $215 I thought I would use it for that.

I made an appointment with my GP and spoke to her about it. I then had to have a very in-depth chat to a Nurse about my surgery, past weight-loss, why I wanted to use the plan etc. It was actually quite easy and my GP and the Nurse was very helpful. I walked out of the GP with the Management Plan. I was however told that this would only cover me for $53 off my appointment. I was still happy with that. That’s $53 I could spend on a box of Optifast Shakes which I will need.

When I got to the Dietitian (I will write more in detail about that in my next post) I finished my appointment and went to the counter to pay. “Nothing to pay today Miss Molinari as your Management Plan has covered this appointment” I was in shock. When I asked the lovely receptionist about it she advised me because I was on the plan I got 5 completely FREE appointments for the Calendar Year and there was absolutely nothing to pay.

I truly recommend speaking to your GP if you are in Australia about Management Plans. As this was not something that I was ever made aware of I wanted everyone to know that this is an option. We already are sacrificing a lot of our money to make the best decisions for our health by having this surgery. For someone like me who is currently unemployed, this surgery is using ALL my savings as well as some of my very hard earned Superannuation so a FREE appointment here and there is a god send.

Date: 13/01/2017


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