The Dietitian Appointment


This was the appointment that I was most worried about. I had a vision that I was going to walk in and be told that because of my Food Addiction and because of all my bad habits that I was going to fail at this WLS journey and that I should just turn back now …. WELL how wrong was I?

I arrived at Diet by D’Zyne pretty nervous. I had seen other dietitians before but never every stuck to what I was told. I think I just went because it made me feel better about myself. Not this time, I walked in trembling. I knew surgery was only 19 days away and that this was make or break time.

I was sitting in the waiting room when suddenly my name was called. I got up and saw this almost calming face looking at me and almost instantly my hands stopped shaking. I walked into Joanne’s office and sat down. I was still calm. This is crazy I thought, nothing has ever felt this natural to me before. Joanne started talking to me about my profile that I had to complete online before attending and asked me to confirm my height and weight so she could get an accurate BMI for me before we continued. As I thought and already knew, BMI was 44.2.

Joanne talked to me about the 2 weeks leading up to surgery and how the Optifast Diet works and why it is needed before Surgery. It is the best diet to reduce the fatty build-up around the liver so the surgeon can easily move it out of the way during surgery without complications. It was explained to me in a way that made me realise how important it is to stick to this part of the process. It’s because of HEALTH reasons.

The Diet itself if fairly straight forward and very restrictive:

  • Commence Optifast 2 weeks pre-surgery (Tuesday 17th January), as 3 meals per day.
  • PLUS vegetables/salad can be included any time.
  • Optifast can be used in the form of a Shake, Bar or Soup.
  • The shake can be prepared with water or low fat milk.
  • The shake flavour can be modified by adding calorie free flavours (Essence, Coffee or Berries)
  • Water, Tea, Coffee and sugar-free drinks can be included as drink choices.

I am nervous about this part of the pre-surgery requirements but as I said to Joanne, I know I will stick to it because I NEED this surgery. This isn’t something that I just want to do, I know I need to do it to change my life.

We then started to talk about Post-Operative diets (which I will write about after surgery so as to not complicate or confuse you all) as well as Post-Operative Vitamins.I decided to purchase my first lot of vitamins while I was there because it was easier for me at the time. I recommend that you use the brands the Dietitian recommends. They have everything that you need Post-Surgery and are formulated especially for Bariatric Surgery.

Before I knew it, I had been there for an hour and the session was over. Then, just as I stood up to leave, Joanne said something no one else has ever said to me before “This is a HUGE leap you are taking, you should be proud”

I am proud. I have a family who is supporting this decision and who are worried about how I will react to the changes. I have a support system back in the UK for when I get back to work and I have met some amazingly supportive people on here as well as Facebook Forums. I am very proud.

Date: 14/01/2017


One thought on “The Dietitian Appointment

  1. I think you’re going to do great! Just remember, you’re making these changes for you and to improve your health and wellbeing, not because someone (a surgeon or dietitian) is making you! I find that when I take ownership of the changes, it really helps me to have a positive outlook and to stick to it better.


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