My day of “Lasts”

So today is my day of “lasts” … Last Wine; Last Chocolate; Last Pasta. Last anything really as tomorrow I commence my Pre-Op Stage of Optifast. I am not going around eating everything that I see but I am going out for dinner tonight with my Sister, her boyfriend and my good friend. I will indulge in a BIG glass of wine and something tasty and naughty like Chilli Cheese Fries. Whilst this is my last meal, I am not overly sad. I know that I am going into this next stage with an open mind and I am ready to kick the Optifast Diet’s butt. I will not fail at this point. I am 15 days away from surgery. I am SO close. I have all my Optifast items ready to go and my blender all set up on the kitchen bench ready for Breakfast tomorrow. I am determined to lose that 5kgs on the Optifast Stage before Surgery and walk into that operating room proud of myself and ready for the next stage of my journey.

Date: 16/01/2017


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