2nd lot of Measurements = Small Win

Well, it has been a few weeks since I posted about my Measurements on the 1st day of going to the gym, so I thought it would be good to re-do them to see if I have made any progress. Just to remind you these were my first lot of measurements:

1st Measurements; 28/12/2016

  1. Weight: 119kgs
  2. Height: 164cms
  3. Chest: 128cms
  4. Waist: 114.5cms
  5. R. Arm: 42cms
  6. L. Arm: 43.5cms
  7. R. Leg: 77.5cms
  8. L. Leg: 78.5cms
  9. BMI = 44.2

Today is exactly 21 days later and  whilst my Gym membership has now expired (it was a free trial) this is my progress so far:

2nd Measurements; 18/01/2017

  1. Chest: 122cms
  2. Waist: 109cms
  3. R. Arm: 41cms
  4. L. Arm: 42cms
  5. R. Leg: 75cms
  6. L. Leg: 76.5cms

Until I see things like this, I never know if I am making progress. Obviously I am. This is a HUGE motivation for me to continue to measure myself during the first few months after WLS as it’s not always shown on the scales how far we come.

I don’t know about you all, but I am sure proud of those numbers!!
Date: 18/01/2017


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