Day 3 ~ Optifast

WARNING: Weird Content about bodily functions.

Today marks Day 3 of the Pre-Op Optifast Stage and I can thankfully say that my headache has gone. Yippee!! I managed to get down a Ltr of water before bed last night and I woke up a new women. I was ready to take on the day.

However, after my breakfast shake I had a weird pain in my stomach, one I haven’t had since the Dr thought I had Gallbladder issues and I suddenly felt horrendous. My stomach did not sound happy and I thought I was going to explode …. but I didn’t. Nothing happened. I dropped into the local chemist to speak to someone and they advised that the pain was probably constipation pains and that I need to try increase my water intake and if the pain persists I need to take a Laxative to relieve the pain. Has anyone else had this on this stage before?

Hopefully the extra water intake will help and this will all have passed by tomorrow.


Date: 19/01/2017


2 thoughts on “Day 3 ~ Optifast

  1. Oh fun! Lol. I didn’t have this issue preop (my liquid stage was only 2 days) but I struggled for MONTHS with this issue early on after surgery. Your pharmacist is probably right and you probably need both fluids and some stool softeners. I still take those daily & they help. Miralax is good too. About 4 months postop I endured an entire weekend CAMPING with these pains and was miserable! After that I was on top of staying hydrated and taking those pills daily. No problem since!

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  2. I am not on an optifast diet, but I did recently drastically increase my protein intake and start replacing a meal a day with a protein shake and I learned the hard way that a high protein diet can cause constipation. This could be your problem too.


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