My Toughest Decision

Most of you are aware that I have very supportive parents when it comes to pretty much anything in my life and especially since making the decision to have WLS. In fact all the family members I have told about having this surgery have been fantastic. But what none of you know is that we aren’t a family who usually talks about our feelings. At least not till we have cried or screamed bloody murder. Then we have no other option but to talk. So as you can imagine, telling my Mum was the hardest decision I have ever had to make.

I was still working in the UK at the time. I had already made an appointment to meet with my Surgeon and I couldn’t even tell my Mum over the phone. I sent her an email. Believe me, it was still hard. This is the excerpt from my email:

There are a few reasons why I am wanting to come home early and I have been thinking about it a lot and even with all my walking and exercising twice a day and I have been eating really well (2 good meals and a meal replacement) I am still stuck. I have been talking to a Dr in South Perth who specialises in weight-loss surgery and I have an appointment for a consultation on the 22nd November. Private Health will cover most of it with a gap of $3300 (about $4900 including the anaesthetist) which can be covered by Superannuation which the Dr will complete all the paperwork for. Whilst I would love to think that I can do this all on my own I think this will be a huge help along the way. Anyway, I would like to talk about this more when I am home.

To this day, I still struggle to talk about my feelings with those closest to me which is one of the main reasons why I wanted to start this blog (the other was because a lot of people start blogging well after surgery and when they have lost all their excess weight and don’t talk about the entire journey) I wanted to have a place where I could be entirely myself and not feel judged or silly. This is not me saying that my family would judge me, it is just sometimes we don’t always understand each other. At the end of the day, I would not want anyone else to be my family. They are always helping me out, even when I don’t want it but they know that I have no other options.


Date: 19/01/2017


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