Day 9 ~ Optifast


Day 9 means only 5 days till surgery.

It is all starting to feel so real now. I had my final phone call with the Hospital today and my bag is already packed. Optifast has been up and down for me these past few days as I have been experiencing no hunger, stomach pains and if I can manage a Shake I get a very upset stomach. I try to limit myself to one Shake a day because of it. Has anyone else experienced this?

Other than that, I am still struggling to keep my water intake up. I think because I am not hungry at all so I am not really feeling like drinking anything. I think this could also be nerves. When I get nervous I feel like I have to go to the bathroom, even if I don’t and therefore I reduce my fluid intake.

Today I also received my paperwork for a routine blood test. As I have to fast for it I can not have it today which means I have to have it on Friday (as tomorrow, Thursday, is Australia Day). I am really worried that these will not be processed and back before Surgery on Tuesday Morning. Maybe it is just me and my nerves over thinking everything.

As always, thank you to you all for your support and guidance during this Journey xxx

Date: 25/01/2017



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