Day 10 ~ Optifast

Happy Australia Day Y’all; today is a day where we would normally get out the barbie, have a few drinks and listen to some classic Aussie tunes. But this year there is no BBQ or Booze for me. It would usually be difficult for me but I am not feeling hungry at all so it’s not appealing to me this year.

This morning I had a sleep in and when I woke up I couldn’t stomach my Shake. So I had a bottle of water and my morning coffee. The closer that I fet to my surgery date the less I can eat. Hopefully this is a good sign.

When I started Optifast on the 17th January I was 122.3kgs. This morning I weighed in at 117.8kgs (thats a 4.4kg loss) and I am really happy with that. I am almost at my goal of 5kgs loss on the Opti phase.

Has anyone else experianced the issues with stomaching their Shakes and not being able to eat all if any of their vegetables?? Some light in this would really ease my mind.

Date: 26/01/2017


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