Little Steps = Big Achievements

I have noticed that not a lot of people post about their small goals. The small goals help us to get to our final weight-loss goal. I thought about all of mine and wanted to let everyone know what they are to help keep me accountable along my journey:

  • 10kg loss
  • 105kg
  • 20kg loss
  • 100kg
  • Under 100kgs
  • Fit into a size 18 again
  • 30kg loss
  • 90kg
  • Under 90kgs
  • 85kg 
  • Fit into a size 16 again
  • 40kg loss
  • 80kg
  • Fit into a size 14 again
  • Under 80kgs
  • 75kg
  • 50kg loss

I might add a few more throughout the course of my journey. I don’t want any of them to be unrealistic. I want to be able to achieve every single one of them. What were your goals during your weight-loss journey?
Date: 29/01/2017


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