D-Day is upon us!!!

7:20am: So today, Tuesday 31st January is the big day. I am feeling ok at the moment. Everything is packed and in the car ready to head to the hospital. Time to leave home. Will be at the Hospital in about 1.5hrs.

10am: Just arrived at the Hospital and ready to go. My name has been called, I have paid my PHI Excess and have my armband sorted. Just sitting waiting to go up to the holding bay now. Thank god my Mum is with me. I am starting to freak out.

11am: The nurses have taken me through to the holding bay, I have put my hospital gown on and those lovely TED stockings. They took my blood pressure and it was 204/89. Apparently I am more nervous than I thought. Second time around was 167/88 so still high but better.

1pm: They are ready for me in Theatre. I have said goodbye to my Mum and they are wheeling me down now. Will let you all know how it goes when I can.

6pm: I was taken back to my Hospital Ward and was told by my amazing Mum that I didn’t recognize too many people. I then started throwing up, a lot. Mum decided to drive the 1.5hrs home and said she would visit in the morning. And the Drs gave me something to knock me out and let me rest. The Dr did tell my Mum that the Surgery went well. No complications, my vitals were perfect through-out the Surgery. Yippee.
Date: 31/01/2017


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