The Post-Op issues but no regrets

Well today is Day 4 Post-Op and I wanted to let you all know how the last 4 days have gone. There will be no filter, no BS in this post because I want everyone to know that this is definitely not an easy way out. The struggles and pain is real and there will be a lot of hard work thrown in to make this work.

Day One Post-Op: This day was hard. I woke up and was asked to try drink fluids almost as soon as I was awake. As soon as I sipped, I threw up. And I promise, this continued all day. Throwing up is SO painful before a surgery but after it’s nothing that I can describe. My whole body hurt and I was constantly crying. The Dr came to visit and told me to stop drinking and just let my trusty IV do all the work so I could alleviate some pressure from my stomach that was caused by the throwing up. I did manage to get some small walks in around the ward which they encourage to reduce blood clots forming in your legs. Sexy TED stockings also help. The nurses also do their part by giving you injections but as you all know I hate needles and these were horrendous and in the stomach. OUCH!!!

Best way to get my daily required fluids …. So Easy!!

Day Two Post-Op: This day was almost as hard as Day One. I was still not tolerating fluids, the thought of trying to drink 100mls an hour made me feel sick before I even started to sip. I was however, up and walking about the hospital more and the Nurses were pleased that I could get up and go to the bathroom on my own as well as stand and have a shower. This isn’t as easy as one would think as bending is SO difficult. But thankfully they have hand held showers and it makes it SO much easier. Oh, and I was still getting injections for Anti-Nausea and the Blood Clots. Still OUCH!!!
Day Three Post-Op: This day I felt like a whole new person. I was up on my own, able to tolerate liquids and even managed some Jelly. I was walking 2-3 laps around the ward each time. My family was in to visit me and this brightened my mood. Sitting all day by your own with only a few nurses to visit does not put you in a great frame of mind. I did fall asleep a few times on my visitors but they totally understood. Oh and today, I did have an allergic reaction from some tablet they gave me for pain relief and my left hand swelled up like a balloon. Due to this they had to remove my IV because of the pain. PS: My hand is still sore and swollen.

How can I possibly eat all this food?!?

Day Four Post-Op: This day is discharge day. I am finally tolerating enough fluids on my own to go home. The trip was long, bumpy but not overly painful. I got home and I managed to make some small Jelly containers for the next few days, have a shower and get all my meds down and to sleep by 7pm. I did wake up 6 times to go to the bathroom during the night but each time I woke I had a few sips of water before I went back to sleep. Water is a lot harder to get down than people think. It has a higher viscosity than Apple Juice so feels like a tonn of bricks in your stomach. Slow and Steady seems to work well.
So, this process has been an eye opener. I never thought this was an easy process but I now know this is definitely a hard and painful process. I do also know that this will be worth it in the end. I walked out of hospital 2kgs lighter.

As always, much love to you all.

Date: 04/02/2017


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