Post-Op Day 7 to 16

Firstly I would like to apologise for not getting on here sooner. I have been busy with trying to recover and trying to organise everything for my flight back to the UK  (which is in 12 days)

I have been travelling good except for a mishap on Sunday 13th. I woke up on this particular day feeling great. Jumped in the shower as I desperately needed to wash my hair when suddenly I fainted. I fell straight down onto my hands and knees thankfully and didn’t hurt my stomach. I managed to get myself up and into a towel just as my Mum came rushing in.

I spoke to the dietitian about it and she advised that I was probably dehydrated and that mixed with the warm shower dropped my blood pressure causing me to faint. She recommended water as soon as I wake up as well as trying to eat (I’m on puree stage) my Breakfast before I shower. So far, no more mishaps.

I have been managing to walk a bit each day but I am worried I won’t be fit enough to manage at work when I go back. I can only manage 1-2kms each time. I am worried about this.

I have my follow-up appointments with the Surgeon and Dietitian on Monday 20th so I will let you all know what they say then. As always, thank you to my followers for all your support. Much love.
Date: 16/02/2017


2 thoughts on “Post-Op Day 7 to 16

  1. Oh my gosh, fainting in the shower sounds scary! I get the occasionally starry-eyed, dizzy feeling if I get up too quickly but it’s not enough to actually faint. How scary to experience that! I agree with your docs that it sounds like dehydration is the culprit – I’m on close terms with gatorade, smart water, coconut water, and stir-in electrolyte powders. All of it helps.


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