The Perfect Size Coffee

I have been very much home bound since I was discharged from Hospital because I have been worried about what I would do and how I would feel seeing wveryone eating and drinking when I can’t. 

Today, I took a step out of my comfort zone and went out for coffee with Mum and Dad. I found the perfect size coffee at Dome Cafe; a babyccino. The perfect sleever size coffee.

I think now I know  this I might not be so concerned about going out for a coffee.
Date: 16/01/2017


4 thoughts on “The Perfect Size Coffee

  1. The babyccino! I love that. 🙂 Just wanted to say that I totally get the anxiety about not being able to eat what others are eating in social situations. I was stressed about it immensely at first and now have eased into just being OK with being the person who brings her own snacks and lunches and shakes. It’s taken nearly a year but rarely does anyone remark on it anymore, and if they do I just say I follow a restricted diet and leave it at that. It does get easier! 🙂


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