Post-Op Day 17 till Week 6

Firstly I would like to apologise to my followers for taking 4 weeks to write a post. In the last 4 weeks I have packed up my life in Australia (again) and moved back to the United Kingdom for work. I tell you, that flight just 28 days after surgery nearly killed me. I could not sit still. I was scared to sit still. So every 45mins I made a habit of getting up out of my seat and walking up and down the isle. Whilst it would have been extremely annoying for everyone on the plane, it make me feel better and not so worried about blood clots. This I must admit, was the first time ever that I was worried about them.

Working since surgery has been tough. I am tired and fatigued all the time from all the running about that I do. My 7hr work days turn into 10 or 11hr days and I end up collapsing into my bed at the end of each night. The upside is, I am getting a lot of steps in each day which is helping with my steady weight loss. Because it has been so long since my last post I thought I would write a weight-loss time line for you all following:

Pre-Op (June 2016) Weight: 135kgs
Pre-Op (December 2016) Weight: 122.3kgs
Day of Surgery (January 2017 Weight: 116.9kgs
2 Weeks Post-Op Weight: 110.4kgs
3 Weeks Post-Op Weight: 109.2kgs
4 Weeks Post-Op Weight: 107.8kgs
5 Weeks Post-Op Weight: 105.2kgs

Monday the 27th March will be my 6 Week Post-Op weigh in and as of this morning I am 104kgs so hopefully I will be in the 103 range. I am so excited. I do not remember the last time I was this weight and soon I will be double digits. That is something I have not seen since I was a 14 years old.

Food has been interesting. Something that I could eat yesterday I may not be able to eat today and vice versa. I guess it’s all about learning what is comfortable for our stomachs. I will say, I feel very bloated at times so I have removed one meal and replaced it with a protein shake as that seems to help. Plus it is much easier than explaining why I am only eating 8 mouthfuls of my meal to the people I work with. Whilst I am not ashamed of my surgery, I do not want others commenting on it.

Thank you to all my followers and I promise I won’t wait another 4 weeks to post my next blog. Much love to you all. Beth xxx

Date: 25/03/2017


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