Another proud moment

Today marks 122 days since I had my Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy at Hollywood Hospital under the guidance of Dr Stephen Watson. Since surgery I have reached many of my short term goals I set for myself. These goals include:

  1. 30kgs lost
  2. Under 100kgs
  3. Fitting into a Size 16
  4. 40kgs lost

I never realised how far I would have come in just over 4 months. I have never been so proud of anything that I have achieved till now. I am strong and I will lose the last 23kgs by my 1 year Sleeve Anniversary. 

As always, thank you to all my followers and supporters. I am so thankful to have you helping me and guiding me through this journey. Apologies for not posting in a while.

Lots of Love.
Date: 02/06/2017


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